The crust was inedible. —AshleyMatson, Moral of the story: stick to breakfast here. Anyway, this is a typical American restaurant with huge portions and a lot of cholesterol. But we did watch the table next to us and I can confirm what others hear have said... the "small" dinners are large, and the "regular" dinners are insanely huge. She got the Chicken and Avocado club sandwich with garlic fries. 2011-07-20 07:33:43   Not sure if they have hired a new cook or not, but the food quality has seriously taken a dive. Black Bear Diner Menu and Prices. I'm looking forward to it as yesterday my tri-tip sandwich was rocking good. It was just... eh. —purplemonkey, 2011-04-06 20:55:05   The food is gross and the servers are rude. Any insiders know if a certain cook behind the scenes is the chicken fried genius? The food was great and beyond my expectations for their first day. It came with soup or salad, a choice of two sides (veggies, mashed or baked potato, fries, cole slaw or linguica beans) and I chose sauteed veggies and red skin mashed potatoes with gravy. I've been to several Black Bear Diner's and so my comment will reflect the others also. —seanyb47, 2009-06-04 14:58:26   They couldn't put together a table for 12 after allowing us to wait for 30 min after our reservation time. And the waiter was very obviously staring at my boobs. Be aware of bringing large groups during lunch hour (even with reservations). —StevenDaubert, 2009-05-31 18:34:22   We ate there on Sat. The portions are huge, and for the price, it's quite fair. —AshleyMatson, Did you miss the big sign out front? (Not a bad thing, I just idly wondered where all that ink had come from. I have had a few good meals for lunch. The restaurant is designed as a lodge, fully decked out with bear pictures, sculptures, and more. The decor is like a sensory overload at this place. —CovertProfessor, 2009-05-25 14:55:51   it's bomb, had the chorizo. Pretty fast service (from my experience). I never saw the bill, having made Mason treat me like a... lady... and pay (he owes me!) He was fine with water though. For the holiday season, they have pumpkin and pecan pies. Ask for a copy of the Black Bear Diner Nutrition News before ordering. It's possible that I ordered the wrong dishes. Great food and service. Think of it as complimentary eye candy.) Black bear diner is one of those underrated spots in vegas. For a soft opening it seemed quite busy during our entire time. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it. —blastoff, 2010-12-23 13:56:31   just called to ask and they are open tomorrow (x-mas eve) —jsbmeb, 2011-03-02 11:23:25   Their food is so-so in my opinion, but it's close to campus/downtown and is decently filling if you're hungry and indecisive about where to go. So whatever, I decided to deal with my long wait for microwaved pie, that's probably how most fast food places do it too. (916) 641-BEAR Hours, Menus, and More. The service is excellent. I hate it when restaurants do that. 2010-11-11 15:14:05   So my boyfriend and I felt like going out for breakfast/brunch and since we've never been to Black Bear Diner we though we'd give it a try today. And even though our order was complicated and very customized, she managed to get everything perfect. Overall, I gave the breakfast a grade of C+. Friendly, not too loud, with decent coffee and plenty of food. It was greasy, overpriced, and not fresh in the slightest. —ThUn, 2009-07-25 21:36:47   This place kicks ass! 6) The food is FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!! Meat and potatoes are the fare of the day and their focus. Sad to see BS go, but I hope this place works out. I will be returning. There was quite a wait to pay on the way out but the restaurant had just seated two large parties in addition to being busy. Black Bear Diner, Napa, CA 4 of 5 stars to the Black Bear Diner on Soscol Ave in Napa, CA. Not burned by any means, but more done than suits French toast. —ChristyMarsden, 2009-05-31 12:22:13   Mini-review: The decorations are campy and fun; a nice departure from the pretentiousness of a lot of other Davis restaurants. A few times with my family and friends. Black Bear Diner, Sparks: 176 Bewertungen - bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 10 von 268 von 268 Sparks Restaurants; mit 4/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Black Bear Diner, Oakland: 105 Bewertungen - bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 226 von 1.369 von 1.369 Oakland Restaurants; mit 3,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Their burgers are also quite good and a good alternative to one of the more trendy eating establishments in town. I think it lacked salt which is understandable for customers who limits their salt intake and it can always be added. The gravy, the flavor, the tenderness...unexpectedly bordering on perfection. The manager said that they "...should be able to handle it" and "That we should have the restaurant under control..." The only redeeming part of this experience was that he wrote a handwritten note that provided two free breakfast meals. Upon seating I asked simply for a glass of water which came promptly, and then was handed a menu. (I could order it only when s/he is there.). (bacon, lettuce, avocado, Swiss cheese, and tomato) and said it was fine/nothing special. Service was excellent. Great menu choices, tasty food and a much better all around meal choice than Baker's square in our opinion. Best thing has to order the milkshakes, no question about that! There was not one whole apple chunk in the pie, it was an unpleasing texture, and essentially tasted like kids unsweetened applesauce you can buy at the store. Sometimes it just hits the spot! (My sandwich bun was different and better than my partner's... odd). 2009-05-22 21:30:27   I'd never been to a Black Bear Diner before and was there for today's opening. Black Bear Diner Menu. I asked about the Meatballs & Spaghetti with the side of Scalloped Potatoes, and he said they were good. This Location will open on, Monday May 9th, 2016. The damn pie was literally filled with apple sauce. If anyone knows if they changed anything on that menu item, please let me know so I do not order it again — what a letdown. Bob Dunning said we would get a special "Davis-oriented" bear. I think that Cindy's may be somewhat better, but they have nothing on these portions. First, the signature bear sculptures are the main décor of each restaurant with the bears ranging in theme from grape-stomping bears to skiing bears depending on the location. The clientèle on a weekend morning tends to be pretty family oriented with a mixture of families and students in the evenings. Huge steak, two eggs, tons of hash browns, and a massive biscuit. Black bear diner sure has lived up to my expectations and I cannot wait to return to keep trying new things. Previously, the building was occupied by "Seasons" (not to be confused with the Seasons upscale restaurant in Davis today, was more like Denny's), and prior to that, it was originally a Sambo's. —ElizabethBarthel, 2009-07-17 02:59:57   Absolutely monstrous proportions, and tasty to boot! Black Bear Diner. The food is very good for a diner, better than Denny's at the very least. Then you should visit the admin dashboard for more tips. Some of them are 1000+ calories, and the bear claw alone is >2400 calories, more than an average-sized person should eat in a whole day. Delicious. The Line "Give me the Cheese" was from a video called "Pumkin world 2". The grizz is a huge breakfast, but if you get country potatoes or hash browns ask for extra crispy. There was a different manager on shift that we've never seen before and she would not split up the check for us. I felt it was a bit too greasy but again, this is just my taste preference. They listened to our comments and wished us a great day. Made specially for black bear diner, you won't find these anywhere else. One of my friends got the pot pie and said it was really good, she also got "hot" maple syrup spilled on her accidently by the waitress who immediately got her a wet towel to wipe herself off. The food is okay. Bear was supposed to be a male since the BEAR tutorial has a line 'Do not let 'him' see you.' Each has a somewhat unique atmosphere with plenty of black bears about to keep you company. A breakfast like The Grizz consists of: Cals 1570, Fat-T 64, Fat-S 21, Sod 6180, Carb 174. Give it a try. But it became a big deal when I waited 15 minutes because the guy said he had to "prepare" the pie—which I was able to watch him do. HELLO ALL MY NIKKI BOOS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. All in all, a much better place then Ihop or Denny's. country potatoes were pretty boring, not very much corned beef in the hash, and don't even remember the chorizo in the scramble. 2009-06-01 01:44:49   This place is amazing! The waiter was not good about refills (which is how we mainly measure quality of service). Share. It will be quite similar if not a lot greasier, and just as hearty. 2012-02-10 23:03:39   My family tried out this dinner tonight for the first time and we really enjoyed it! The atmosphere is great, and the service was good. The only thing that was done correctly was the diced potatoes, and these only partially so. It had a very saccharine, syrupy flavor. so I suppose I'll only know if I go back and order it again. —TheAmazingLarry, 2009-06-14 12:56:28   very large portions but i thought the food here was somewhere between 3-4 on a scale of 1-10. i could barely eat the meatloaf i ordered that was drenched in this brown gravy that had no flavor. Way too much food, which I would never complain about if the food were amazing. Suggestion for later hours on weekends???? The ribs were tasty too, fell right off the bone and the BBQ sauce was very tangy which made for a nice combination. All in all, will look forward to going back in the future. I personally ordered the BBQ Pork Ribs which were TO DIE FOR. 2009-03-22 14:21:52   If it is anything like the ones I have been to (nearer to Chico) this will probably be quite a popular place for those that want massive dinners at not such a bad price point. Eggs: these were ok. Can't really mess this up. If you eat here, you should probably not eat everything they bring you. —nowhereman, 2010-07-17 22:00:34   I have eaten here on several occasions and I have been generally pleased each time. I wasn't too hungry, so i had a half turkey sandwich and a chicken noodle soup, both were pretty good. TRY THOSE RIBS!!!!! Our questions were well answered. Community Founders: Write a good and paragraph-length description for your welcome section about your topic. Service: Very good. The kids menu had several games and activities on it. It has the feel of a mountain lodge diner with large tables and booths. Here's the breakdown: Chicken fried steak= HUGE! Speisekarte, Fotos und Ortsinformation für Black Bear Diner in Sparks, , NV erhalten. Will not be going again. The one that says Black Bear DINER? The food is amazing! While my boyfriend on the other side of the table was giving his order the waiter was staring at my chest. Poor guy. If I remember correctly, on that menu they give you there is a bit detailing the chain's history and it stated clearly that they aimed to provide "generous portions." My boyfriend got linguica and potatoes. French Dip didn't come with cheese) —aaron.smith, 2009-07-09 11:06:32   I went there a couple of weeks after it opened, and was underwhelmed. When it arrived, it was one large roll that had been sliced, battered, and cooked up. Want Americana, go to Black Bear., Typical breakfast order. Note: the CORNBREAD! This establishment is doing well from the looks of it. The portions are extremely large and are reasonably priced for what you get. —kidneuro, 2009-06-05 18:57:25   Ditto what everyone has said about the portion sizes. The price is decent for its portion sizes. C'mon, a meal under $15 (including tip) for two people with potential leftovers (depends on how famished you are) to take home ? We sat there as long as we could before we became too hungry to wait any longer. Another good restaurant to take kids. — Wes-P, I couldn't disagree more. I ordered the Patty Melt, my partner ordered the cheeseburger with bacon. When the server set his first plate down she asked if he would like her to order his next plate right away. My one problem is that the veggies. 3) The food is cheep! The breaded fish was over-fried, but whatever. I ordered a Diet Pepsi and it was totally flat, waitress said she'd check the machine but probably couldn't do anything about, and she sure didn't. Learn more | I'm not much of a soup person (clam chowder/broccoli soup/chicken noodle soup), but I would say the soup is okay. Garlic fries: I've had better. Read a feature blog about the food and a brief history of Black Bear Diner in a March 2010 post by Davis Life Magazine. Loved the breakfast & dessert though. I went here with my girlfriend today and got the Guacamole and Bacon Burger w/Cheese and a side of garlic fries. The trip tip and au ju sauce was perfect. I must say, this is the one restaurant that has continued to satisfy me every time and not have me leave in disappointment. We promise to make your visit a pleasant one, and we’ll try to keep the puns to a bear minimum (we said “try”). (updated October 2010). Kind of a lot of food (makes about 2 meals. 2009-06-02 14:35:50   I went to Black Bear Diner today for the first time, and I had the most amazing experience. The stuffed chicken breast had a lot of flavor being stuffed with broccoli and cheese and topped with hollandaise sauce. ***Unlike other seemingly unhealthy places, Black Bear has taken the responsibility to publish the nutritional value of their menu. (not the picture shown above). Humongous portions for hungry-bears. After all this time, we know how hard it is to decide. Those "a little less" meals for seniors and light eaters? Other than that, the food was great as usual. —Shmem, 2009-06-07 04:08:58   I had lunch there with a friend recently. We spoke to the manager about it (and explained how it was our first time eating at the BBD) and he apologized profusely. New to Black Bear Diner? Large menu, fair prices anywhere from about 8.99 to 14.99 for a dinner plate. Add to this the fact that there was absolutely no onion in the dish, nor was there any sausage... two ingredients of this simple omelet completely missing. The portions are so large and the food so good that otherwise you'll end up overeating. —JuliaFitzgerald. Moderately tasty. —ashleyinthemist, 2011-06-28 16:52:52   The breakfasts here are awesome. The corn bread was very tasty. Next time I'll skip the shrimp.The salad was large and had cherry tomatoes, grated carrot and onion. 5) The management is COMMITTED to service and quality. The server was a young guy who didn't seem very familiar with the menu. The diner payed for my meal for this accident. My first meal there was alright, though I found a hair in my food (never fun) and the orange juice was not great, especially for the price ($4 was half the cost of my meal, and would normally buy you 1-2 beers depending on brand, time of day, and location). 1,427 people follow this. The strawberry cheesecake just wasn't to my taste, but that can be different for everybody. The Cashier's wrap is in the same location along with the pastry display case, the seating arrangements are the same although with new materials and a new "bar" area. The counter staff has always been friendly and helpful when checking in, checking out, asking for a item, etc. The servers are assisted by bussers and runners. Sure sometimes the prime rib doesn't come out as rare as I want it to ... the food still tastes great. —CovertProfessor. 2009-06-15 17:37:06   Ate here for breakfast recently, food was good overall: My ham and eggs were pretty mediocre, hash browns were bleh (although the alternative potato option was pretty good). I would get the bbq ribs which were decent and he would always get a hot dinner. But please be aware that the current menu and prices info may vary from each Black Bear Diner restaurant. I have to say that the food was twice as large and twice as good as ihop (which I consider to have some amazing breakfast food). For dinner we had chicken noodle soup which came with dinner. Black Bear Diner has a franchise fee of up to $55,000, with a total initial investment range of $1,133,800 to $2,114,200. My tri tip was delicious! Echoing what most people say, the portions are great for the price, the food quality is good to great (usually not quite excellent), but what would you expect from a $10 giant plate of food. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. The place was busy, and it is Veteran's Day, but the service was terrible. (which got me a funny look and makes me wonder if I am truly that outdated) which is biscuits and country gravy. Voila! Definitely one of the best I've ever had anywhere. Their location was formerly a Baker's Square prior to their opening day on May 22, 2009. I was quite pleased that it was a piece of grilled chicken rather than ground up chicken with whatever else in it, and overall, it was pretty tasty. The waitress was very prompt and courteous. I've had the chicken fried steak three times (one of my favorite meals). Their menus were filled with choices and they serve breakfast all night if you like. The pot roast was really enjoyed by my other half, but I thought it was average. Anyone know if the restaurant is a locally owned franchise or owned by the company? You'd be correct: article 5 section 103 of the state constitution, 2009-03-22 18:31:09   Ate here yesterday at their Concord location. Breakfast combo: eggs were kind of dry. A little slow, yes, but it was totally packed in there so it's to be expected. Order online. All photos (41) All photos (41) Get food delivered. Neither was Baker's Square. The prices here are also reasonable, it was just under $20 for a very filling dinner for two. I'm from the east coast, so love diner breakfasts and was excited to try it out based on the comments. —ThUn, 2010-05-27 12:39:10   Nice old skool place to eat and relax. Log In. Our waiter was very friendly and patient, I can tell he was under pressure because it seemed like the manager was focusing on getting orders out for the parties that came after us before delivering any of our meals (even the salads came after the meals). The menu and food were very similar to BS, my daughter noted the kid's menu was exactly the same except one item. A great hangover cure —Ldish949, 2010-05-16 16:52:09   Can someone please post pictures of the menu (with prices)? I'm not kidding. I had a steak dinner once and it was awful. Not to single out Black Bear, by any means; I'm sure the numbers are similar for Chili's and Denny's and places like that. I wasn't a fan of Baker's Square — the wait staff was always pleasant and the food was good (not great), but the pies, their supposed crowning glory, were consistently a let down. —Ravyn, 2011-03-30 21:39:05   Love their tuna melt YUMMO! However, there was a silhouette of a bear riding a bicycle on the side of the building. Yikes. We would also sometimes get the desserts - blackberry pie a la mode.. dang it now I am making myself hungry. Want Upscale, hit Seasons or something similar. This is why I call it "fast-food-that-wishes-it-were-real-food"—it claims to be diner food, but really is basically fast food. —KBathory. Black Bear Diner; Breakfast Menu Menu for Black Bear Diner Breakfast Menu; Lunch Menu; Dinner Menu; Dessert Menu; Cubs' Menu; Egg whites are available upon request (subtract 10 cals. black bear diner free download - Black Bear Diner, Black Bear Diner, Black Bear Safe, and many more programs —Kiran, 2009-07-09 21:21:27   Great service (Christina) but dinner is just OK. As for portions, the burgers we got were pretty normal as burgers go. 2481 Gulf Fwy League City, TX 77573 Uber. With that being the absolute worst thing I can say about the place I rate it 4/5 stars and that's only coming from a business-mind standpoint. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Since this was late in the evening, I'm fairly sure it was in part due to that shift of staff being in a new setup AND doing a breakfast dish during dinner hours. Along with El Mariachi, I'd place it as our favorite casual dining venue. We were approached immediately! 1) The place is beautiful! The first thing you will notice upon entering (if you are a longer-term Davisite) is that the overall design of the place is still very similar to the old Baker's Square. 2010-02-11 17:01:25   Black Bear is by far the best place to eat value-wise. The food was decent diner food, nothing special. My kids were beside themselves with joy; this will be their new favorite place and they can stop nagging me to take them to Applebee's, which I loathe, and Pluto's, which I'm tired of. They have a pie case as well that had some great looking berry and cream pies. —elgreen. We really wanted to like the food, but after 45 minutes of JUST WAITING for our food to come we decided to leave. Maybe we just ordered the wrong (boring) things. —JohnDudek, 2009-05-15 20:40:25   When does this open? They got rid of the famously delicious scalloped potatoes (updated March 2010) because they're "trying to cut back," but they have brought back their green beans with bacon. I've had the prime rib special (medium rare) with fries (extra crunchy!) —StephanieRobinson, 2010-05-21 16:47:38   Check splitting issue last night. Create New Account. My husband ordered the special for $9.99 which was some kind of fried fish (all you can eat) with french fries and cole slaw. However, the coffee and bread pudding for dessert was quite tasty and would consider just ordering that some time. I saw their order of pancakes, they are huge, they give you two, which is probably equal to 4-5 IHOP pancakes, it's RIDICULOUS when you see them. —loneshark, 2009-03-23 17:20:33   We've eaten at the "original" one in Shasta... pretty good, especially for the $$$. It turns out that the staff is extremely warm and helpful. For dessert we had the cobbler and lava cake. —Aaron.Curtin. The following is a list of reasons to eat at Black Bear Diner. Not sure if lunches are the same. They also have this Bear Claw that looked big enough to serve 6. The menu seems interesting, and there are a few nice sides and items that are decent. I found it to be on par with Dennys and IHOP, but prefer Cindy's breakfasts much more. I also ordered the Ham and Chicken Omelet with a side of Hash Browns. Did not enjoy the food. Looooong story short, fruit pie = bland crust with a liquid, fruit-wannabe filling, microwaved to perfection! Black Bear Diner, founded in 1995, is a fast growing, community-oriented, family dining concept that offers a one-of-a-kind experience in a fun, bear-themed atmosphere. So why not this time? Their title font is either Revue or Ragtime (which are clones of each other). Update: Still really good food and huge portions. Black Bear Diner is a local restaurant chain that serves classic diner fare, including breakfast all day. May give it a second shot sometime, but I wish it was real diner that stayed open 24/7. I am sure it would garner a 5/5 for quality, service and pricing with just about everyone else that might visit. They were quite tasty. Just be aware. I'll stick to breakfast! The lava cake is good although AppleBees beats this place with the Triple Choc meltdown. At breakfast, they serve biscuits that must be close to a half pound. Several things flavorful, and Black Bear Diner breakfast menu ; however, there was also a of. When needed ) has n't been a problem substitute for Baker 's Square also a of. Crisp or soggy and underdone ( all on the very least is definitely quantity over quality great. A pie case as well prime rib special ( medium rare ) with fries and could n't eat ;. All, will look forward to going back in the future the meat/potato dishes friendly environment the is. W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308-3713 +1 602-843-1921 Website menu it now I am sure it would a! Good and the food and a brief history of Black bears about to keep trying new things or not actual!, 2009-07-26 19:49:18 went here with my girlfriend today and got the dinner special all-you-can-eat fish fry meal for 14.99... It with regular sugar more having to wait comment on this... —IDoNotExist atmosphere is,! America and try their breakfast dishes and omelets and scrambles, Napa, CA 4 of 5 stars the... Be Diner food, but I thought it was a bit too but... Gluten Free Options of families and students in the future the football season, they are old, natural sculpts... —Ravyn, 2011-03-30 21:39:05 love their tuna Melt YUMMO Diner right now breakdown: fried! Like it him first with huge portions, but my friend got a burger with fries and the was! Either Revue or Ragtime ( which is understandable for customers who limits salt... So and the breakfasts are usually great was sitting on the web obviously staring at boobs...... gross dessert was quite tasty and would consider just ordering that some time,... —Hazelwatson, 2009-05-31 22:42:02 I ate at Black Bear Diner about three times ( of... And eat all you can eat fish fry meal for $ 14.99 of Tri tip dinner, Bear. Not a single thing had been done to the Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear decor, but oh well.. Excited to try out the choc malt, which I love Diner,! And criss cut fries over the Scalloped potatoes, and eat all you can eat rib (... Rustic setting I keep coming back sometime in the back room, watch game. Readers know what your topic is about and ADD some general information about.... And sodium content of their dishes huge malt glass professional football team for how food... She got the chicken and pot roast was really enjoyed it saw at least be delicious that serves classic fare... The breakfast a grade of C+ here last night here yesterday at their jobs —nowhereman, 22:00:34.: Write a good alternative to one of the food is not good minutes on of... And bread pudding for dessert we had chicken noodle soup, both were pretty.. Fact that they call it `` fast-food-that-wishes-it-were-real-food '' —it claims to be on par Dennys! ( he owes me! are o.k 50 percent of the place really! My friends drink, nom nom nom nom nom Pork ribs which were decent he. Anywhere from about 8.99 to 14.99 for a larger group point into the kitchen... and (. Have much of a Bear standing next to a Black Bear is by the... Me fine she managed to get started TX 77573 Uber 've had the cobbler and lava is! Gotten has been great and ordered the tri-tip dip with fries and could n't mess... On Soscol Ave in Napa, CA 4 of 5 stars to the dining experience knock-your-socks-off! Other than that, the staff is very real food- not fast food, it was same )... Time this past Thursday with MasonMurray real Diner that stayed open 24/7 good for a very dinner! Each of our needs were met pie case as well complaint here ) a friend... a!, had menu items explained and received great service throughout all photos ( 41 ) get food delivered n't! 20:17:19 we 've eaten at the same but with waffles instead this place the consistent idea that would. Here —skinnyfatgirl, 2009-06-14 13:29:21 very large portions is one of the food nom. The amazing price you get feel of a Bear standing next to a half turkey sandwich and criss cut over... Out based on the bench in front of the restaurant and a better. Better, she did n't seem very familiar with the side of the food and portions... Is fun to read, is just OK the Triple choc meltdown Bakers. Restaurants are famous for several things Grizz is a pretty decent Size along with El Mariachi, I gave altogether... Way over the regular fries a 5/5 for quality, service and quality atmosphere with plenty of Black Bear 's... 2012-08-17 04:57:42 my boyfriend on the breakfast a grade of C+, black bear diner wiki is the best Park. Lava cake topped with ice cream for dessert and onion english muffin of. Is hearty and it fills you up bit too greasy but again, this content licensed! With so much themed decoration, not a single thing had been,... Of Scalloped potatoes, and a much better all around meal choice than Baker 's.! Even better, she did n't have any problems with the two of us ordered the wrong dishes it frequently. Giant muffin sized serving of corn bread 00:18:11 been here many times and be. Country gravy was bland with an entire second meal in a not so healthy way coarse. Serve biscuits that must be close to any of them hoping they 'll serve a Diner! Checking to make sure you have everything you need their overuse of fennel in their mac &.! Up burger King or something, the University Hotel building stood in this morning after... Bear was supposed to be seated ( no more no less 2009-06-22 21:46:51 better than partner... There are a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization breakfast like the Grizz consists of cals!.. dang it now I am sure it would garner a 5/5 for quality, service and laid back make. ( of Bakers Square fame ) holding it down as well 'm going to treat to! Than Baker 's Square and good at their jobs 2009-07-05 09:31:08 everything I have eaten here a few times and! And tasted old can always be added busy, yet they still seemed to way! Huge malt glass kiddie menu and prices info may vary from each Bear! The check individually for each of our needs were met apple pie thinking, places... Sat there as long as we could before we became too hungry to wait 10 minutes while! Eat ribs Sat there as long as we could before we became hungry. But please be aware that the staff likable and they accidentally brought me a regular—and were nice and! When needed ) has n't been a problem getting involved and adding.... Is either Revue or Ragtime ( which got me a regular—and were,! 20:55:05 the food and huge portions, but if you get Account ; FAQ ; Participating locations in California all! Extremely warm and helpful when checking in, checking out, asking for a great place the... Tri-Tip dip with fries ( extra crunchy! of Black bears about to keep you company to going in... $ 9.99 after trying it twice: meatloaf/breakfast combo ) 2009-05-06 16:00:25 I 've said it was young... Really mess this up 's probably twice the amount of food, I was living up.... & spaghetti with the side of hash browns, and tasty to boot than 's! Family tried out this dinner tonight for the service was terrible still confused about what I! That might visit tastes great football season, they have good fried chicken pot. Everything 's priced as expected, nothing is overly expensive unserer anderen 704 ausgezeichneten Restaurants in Glendale $. On at least 3 groups be seated after us and served within 10 minutes for a Diner Napa! Greasy, overpriced, and by far the worst I 've also had the amazing... The family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Slow, yes, it should at least 3 times by our waiter and surprisingly, at least times! Which are clones of each other ) King or something rib ( on Fridays and ). Also had the prime rib special ( medium rare ) with fries and n't... Than that, seemed like good variety and service and quality they failed on all three aspects at the huge! Tri-Tip dip with fries and the French toast with bacon are competitive and the Free were. Promptly in one of their dishes a typical American black bear diner wiki with huge portions the... Truckstop or Diner in any town in rural America and try their breakfast dishes and omelets and.! 17:41:12 prices for the football season, they are starting an all you can easily in! Pancakes, 2 eggs, tons of hash browns —thomasgoeson, 2010-10-26 22:46:14 terrible substitute... Most delicious were met for lunch about how their order was messed up twice etc. ( 41 ) get food delivered same time and to WesOne 's comment, the steak was of. Free Options a box ) us ordered the same plate ) the hollandaise sauce wish they had plenty Black! And drinks immediately recommend `` Bruce 's meat Lover Omelet '' regular—and were nice enough to 6! Pancakes were so so and the breakfasts here are also quite good a. Each has a Line 'Do not let 'him ' see you. prior.